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Physics Student
Posted by: Ashley Mutch ()
Date: March 16, 2006 03:52PM

Ms. Kiernan was the craziest and funniest teacher I have ever had. She was great and EVERYONE loved her a lot. She gave us crazy word problems with King Kong and Flava Flav traveling to Boston and she made us do weird labs where we had to scream into tubes of water. We loved her heavy New York accent especially when she said "tawk" or called us "wicked smaht". She had the craziest ideas like when the tv show made came to our school she wanted someone to carry her books to her car and have them see her car and put it on Pimp My Ride. The weekend before the accident I had asked Ms. Kiernan to chapperone I dance show I was putting on for my Senior Seminar project. She came to the show and after it was over she told me how awesome it was and how good of a job I did. She told me a funny story about how she used to dance when she was little and was TERRIBLE at all. We stood there laughing at how funny she was. Coming into physics class was always exciting because we all knew we had something to look forward to, seeing Ms. Kiernan and finding out what crazy thing she was going to have us do. We still wait for her to walk in the door everyday and we miss her a lot. She was a great teacher and a great person and taught us so much not only about physics but about life.

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Re: Physics Student
Posted by: Shannons Mom ()
Date: March 28, 2007 04:57AM

Shanno was in one dance recital when she was 6 and she hated it. I have pictures of her and she has a pretty angry look on her face. She didnt even want to be in the recital but i insisted she do it. It was pretty hilarious to see her on that stage..she definitely did not fit in. i bet you did do an awesome job at your dance show. Ms Kiernan was very truthful. I think we will always find it hard to believe she is truly gone and is not going to walk through the door. For me, life has changed forever but for her students, i hope that her memory will make you smile and that you can focus on what she brought to your life...

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