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Ms. Kiernan and her secret love for GWAR
Posted by: Christopher Cormier ()
Date: March 16, 2006 07:55PM

October 10th 2005 was the first time i told Ms. Kiernan about GWAR. For any and all of you who do now know who GWAR is, they are a heavy metal band that pretend they are aliens and at their shows they kill fake people and spray the crowd with blood. But that is another story. I went and saw them on a Saturday in October. The folling monday all i did in physics was tell Ms. Kiernan about the show and how awesome it was because i know she would like to hear about it and she would listen to anything i had to say. I told her about it and she did one of her classic faces and in seconds i was laughing because thats what she made people do, laugh. A few weeks later i gave her a GWAR mix i made her and everyday following id ask her if she had listened to it yet. I asked her everyday up to her death, i believe that even the friday before the accident i said to listen to the CD over the weekend. I feel as though GWAR was Ms. Kiernan and I's special bond. I will always remember our conversations about it and how she should listen to the cd and go watch videos of them On Demand. Man do I miss her. I be she's happy that i got an A in physics!

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Re: Ms. Kiernan and her secret love for GWAR
Posted by: Shannons Mom ()
Date: March 28, 2007 05:03AM

Sounds like you and Ms Kiernan really had a special bond. I like that you felt that she truly listened to you... that is so important to know that people really HEAR what you say. I wouldnt be surprised if Ms Kiernan didnt listen to that GWAR mix that Friday or on Saturday on her way to the mountain. And I can picture Ms Kiernan making her "face"..She was certainly expressive and it wasnt hard to know what she was thinking by looking at her face. She couldnt hide her feelings very well... and I know shannon is so very proud of you wherever you are...

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