missing you more and more
Posted by: Olivia Hoermann ()
Date: February 14, 2007 01:15AM

its been a year..i dont really know what to say besides that i miss you. i think about you everyday because people here complain about how hard physics is. lol you never would have...just jump into it and figure all the stuff out. i hope your having fun. its not the same at winnacunnet without seeing you there. god bless. <3

Re: missing you more and more
Posted by: Shannons Mom ()
Date: March 28, 2007 03:41AM

YOU ARE SO RIGHT... I remember when shannon told me she was going to be teaching physics and how she was worried (yes, ms kiernan DID worry about not being the best she could be) that she didnt know a thing about physics. A few days later, she called and was telling me she was just going to do it and figure it out as she went along. Just like that.. jump right in and just do it. That was her way! I loved that about her.. i guess I loved everything about her. I was so very proud of her and hearing all of her students share their memories makes me know that I indeed had an incredible daughter.. THANK YOU for helping me along the way and I am so glad you were the recipient of her first ever scholarship..

Re: missing you more and more
Posted by: Olivia ()
Date: May 17, 2007 12:14AM

Holy cow...my first year of college is over. whata ride, and i know that shannon was there with me the whole time(thank you!). I realized that i really love chemistry and i will be taking physics in the fall so i finally get to see what it is like at penn state. I have found that its hard, and just because its hard doesnt mean i shouldnt like it. Some of my new friends are having trouble figure out what they want to major in because everything that they have taken is hard. And i say to myself yeah its hard, but you should still know what you like. Maybe they havent found what they like or what challenges them, but i have smiling smiley I love chem, and im sure im going to like physics a lot. I cant wait to get more involved in my major. I know that everyday something is hard and everyday that something is easy, shannon is there. I want to make her proud and never give up even when im really stumped and on the verge of tears. I really would like to go on your fishing trip with you but that weekend is not a good one for me sadly. I hope that it will be a beautiful day(even though im sure it will be). I hope all is well and i am very thankful every day knowing i have shannon's memorial scholarship, i am very privildged to have recieved it. Have a good day!

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