crazy biology class your first year at WHS
Posted by: Katelyn Gerrish ()
Date: June 13, 2008 04:38AM

I remember being really nervous the day I walked into the classroom. We were all sitting there wondering what you would be like and if we would enjoy the class. Then you walked in pushing your cart, you were late and out of breathe but you had our attention and you never lost it. From the moment you first spoke I was intrigued by you.I had never met anyone from outside of Massachusetts or New Hampshire, and I was very curious. You stood in the front of the class and took a deep breathe and then let it go, and class had then started. You gave us this crazy quiz about you and not knowing anything about you we had to try to guess what was true or false. After you gave us the answers we spent the rest of the day getting to know each other and you took the time to care about us and what we were into. From that quiz I had learned so much about you and about how much we had in common, like camping and the crazy winter sports that you could only truly enjoy in New Hampshire. So our class went on for the rest of the trimester and it seemed like the more fun we had with you, the more the trimester seemed to fly by. It was the end of the year and you were sooo excited about not having to push your cart around a lot because you would have a semi private classroom and your own office, although it was more like a closet. The next year I was a junior and you were our class adviser. I did not have a class with you, but I would pass your classroom and you would pull me in and check on how I was doing and what I was going to do after graduation next year. I think I took those chats for granted and always thought you would be there to talk me through the hard times. But it all ended and when we found out I felt like my world was stopped and I just thought about how I said goodbye to you Before break, not knowing that that would be the last thing I would say to you. Now having been more than two years since your passing, I have changed my major in college and even changed colleges. I am now a mathematics major with a concentration in education at Plymouth state University. I only hope that I can Change kids lives and help them as you helped me and many others. You will always be remembered as that crazy redheaded New Yorker who changed my life in such a short time. THANK YOU SO MUCH...

Re: crazy biology class your first year at WHS
Posted by: Katelyn Gerrish ()
Date: June 13, 2008 03:45PM

correction to title... Crazy Physical science Class

Re: crazy biology class your first year at WHS
Posted by: Shannons Mom ()
Date: June 15, 2008 04:14AM

Thank you for sharing your memories of Ms Kiernan. I found that quiz among her papers and could just imagine her standing in the front of that class. She always wanted to know and understand her students.. not just as a teacher but as a mentor and a friend. I recently just came back from Winnacunnet after giving out a scholarship and all of the memories came flooding back to me. A former student approached me as well as a parent and they both told me how well loved Shannon was. I am not surprised. She had that affect on people. Once you met her, it was hard to forget her. She made an impression even as a little girl!! I remember when she told me she would be teaching there and how excited she was. I remember how she complained about pushing that cart around and how she was late to class because of it. She told me lots of stories about her students because you were all so important to her. She would spend hours and hours thinking of funny test questions or experiments.. she refused to use the ones in the book and therefor made hours and hours of extra work for herself, but she didnt care. She wanted to make it as fun and exciting as she could.. and it is not easy to do that with a subject like Physics!

You have no idea how much it means to me to know that even after 2 years that you have taken the time to share your memories of Shannon...and to know how much she made a difference in your life. In that way, I will know she will never be forgotten and will live on and on...

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